SearchUPC.com is a complete web solution for UPC to product search which includes validatity check for UPC codes, generate barcodes and UPC-E to UPC-A Conversion. We implement the standards set by the UCC council for UPC code validity, conversion from UPC-E to UPC-A and generation of the product's barcode image. The current system features and accepts 8 or 12 or 13 digit UPC-E/UPC-A/EAN Code.
Latest Updates
  • Based on developer request, we are supporting JSON output of results on web services and handlers requests.
Why SearchUPC?
At SearchUPC, We want to ensure the quality of the data to be accurate and data collection to be automatic as possible and also bridge the large gap between the traditional search engine keyword search to narrowed search to the exact product based on the Universal Product Codes.

Currently SearchUPC implements the following:
  • Based on suggestions, Implemented Donate Now button for Infrastructure costs using PayPal.
  • Accepts 8 digit UPC-E or 12 digit UPC-A code or 13 digit EAN code for validity checks and search.
  • Searches upc codes from retail giants product databases which includes more than 5 million products.
  • Applies the UCC council standards for validity checks for the UPC codes.
  • Conversion of UPC-E codes to UPC-A code.
  • Main UI implements search for upc codes to product, generate barcode image for (12 or 13 digit) and conversion of 8-digit UPC-E to 12-digit UPC-A.
  • Third-Part API Integrations and Custom Product Feeds.
  • Barcode Generation for 12-digit and 13-digit UPC/EAN code.
  • Easy way for uploading product information with UPC into searchupc.com for searches.
  • Developers can utilize web services API for free.
  • Developer Signup and Login.
  • Added customizing parameters for Barcode Generation and updated the search results to eliminate duplicates.
  • Implemented 8-digit UPC-E to 12-digit UPC-A conversion before the search on Main UI.
  • Updated web service GetProduct method to perform 8-digit UPC-E to 12-digit UPC-A conversion the search.
  • Product suggestion screen enabled after the search, based on product availability.
  • Updated the home page user experience between the search and suggestion, there are minor flaws with user experience which are corrected now.
  • Suggestion to search integration is immediate now.
  • Major release on the search algorithm to improve speed and efficiency.
  • More stores and products added to the database.
  • More and larger application developer signups.
  • Updated Terms and Conditions.
  • Added New Contact Us Page for streamlining general and technical inquries.
  • New Retailer Products Added.
  • Search Improvements on the Web UI.
  • Page Speed Optimization on the Home Page.
  • Universal Inline Font Updates, Improved Style Sheet.
  • Updated Product URL property with absolute path in CSV.
  • Added Sample C# UPC Search Client for Developers.
  • Web Service Optimization for Performance.
  • Windows 7 Mobile Platform URL Redirection issue and work around code update in developer center.
  • Web site is updated with URL rewrite support, for search engines to crawl safely.
  • User Suggestion Revealed, for products not available online.
  • Enabled Secure Access for API Requests
  • Searchupc.com is HTTPS Ready
  • HTTP Requests will be safely redirected to HTTPS at all service levels