API Documentation
SearchUPC.com is a specialization for UPC to product search. The SearchUPC.com API allows users to implement the upc to product functionality into their websites and mobile apps, as well as generate UPC graphics from UPC code numbers.

SearchUPC.com API provides the following methods for developers:
  • ConvertToUPCA
  • GenerateBarcode
  • GetProduct, GetProductJSON
  • SuggestProduct
  • Validate
It uses SOAP protocol and responses are in XML, using web services.

Secure Service:  https://www.searchupc.com/service/UPCSearch.asmx

Secure WSDL:  https://www.searchupc.com/service/UPCSearch.asmx?wsdl
Method: ConvertToUPCA
Takes a UPC-E 8-digit code and converts into a 12-digit UPCA Code. Requires developer access token to perform this call.
Method: GenerateBarcode
Takes a 12 or 13 digit UPC code and returns a string url to generate the barcode image on the fly. Does not require developer access token. The main purpose of this call is to help indexing the products into the SearchUPC.com database. This can be used on ecommerce websites which carries the product detail page. Adding this code will automatically help indexing products to SearchUPC.com
Method: GetProduct, GetProductJSON
Takes a 8 or 12 or 13 digit UPC code and returns list of products with title, price, currency and online url for the UPC code in a CSV or JSON string format. Requires developer access token to perform this call.
This might be the most used call for the mobile and web applications which perform the search using a UPC or EAN Code.
Method: SuggestProduct
Accepts 8 or 12 or 13 digit UPC/GTIN code, product name with manufactrer, additional product attributes like size or weight or color and records the product suggestion for processing and use the suggestion when searchupc.com is not able to find the product. Requires developer access token to perform this call.
This was one of the feature requested by most developers. Currently this feature was implemented in searchupc.com website, now it is exposed to all developers who registered with us.
Method: Validate
Takes a 12 or 13 digit and returns true or false based on the UPC validation check, based on UCC council standards.Requires developer access token to perform this call.
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Contact Information
For feature requests, suggestions and bug report please email us at devcenter@searchupc.com