Free HTML Barcode Generator attempts to employ a unique approach for the first time to index all the UPC codes and products available through out the world which are online by providing this barcode generator for free. This barcode generator is completely customizable to fit your needs. If you own a online ecommerce website and sell products with UPC codes, including your product to this search engine becomes easier. When you install this barcode generator in your website's product detail page, your products will be automatically included into our database after a product validity verification.
Advantages of using this Barcode Generator
There are plenty of advantages for you by using this free bar code generator. After all this we are really thankful that your are helping us to index the product all over the world.

  • First and foremost this barcode generator is completely free where the commercial barcode generator cost $29.99 to $299.99.
  • You are free to use this on a desktop application also, if you don't have a online website that sells products.
  • Applies the UCC council standards for the accuracy and ensure it is readable by the barcode scanners.
  • Today, lot of iPhone and Android phones became barcode scanners with mobile apps, so if your website support a barcode under the product, most likely they will have an opportunity to be scanned.
  • If your website uses this free barcode generator your products will be automatically included in our upc search database.
How to install in my website?
  • Your product inventory must contain UPC Codes. Please note SKU is not UPC Code.
  • Prefer online ecommerce websites. Desktop programs welcome to use, you must do some custom coding.
Basic Implementation Code

Custom Implementation Code
Basic Sample Implementation
12-digit UPC-A 13-digit EAN
12-digit UPC-A Barcode 13-digit EAN Barcode
Additional Customizations
After this release few suggestions came to us for customizing the barcode image and scale to present perfectly, So we took the step to provide you with additional customizations that will allow you to control how the image is rendered.

Query Parameter Details
  • q = UPC or EAN code
  • w = Width of the barcode to be generated.
  • h = Height of the barcode to be generated.
  • s = Scale or thickness of the barcode to be generated. Must be between .8f and 2.0f
Sample Implementation with Customization(280 x 220 with scale of 2.0f)
12-digit UPC-A 13-digit EAN
12-digit UPC-A Barcode 13-digit EAN Barcode
Creative Commons License
Creative Commons License

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Feature Requests and Suggestions
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